How do Moving Companies calculate the Cost of Your Move?

How do Moving Companies calculate the Cost of Your Move?

In addition to all the heavy lifting and physical strain of moving, it can also take its toll emotionally and financially.  Although there isn’t much you can do for your heart when it comes to leaving those years of memories behind in your old home, there are things you can do to alleviate the financial and physical strain of moving.  Hiring the Handy Haulers Moving Company will help you alleviate the physical burden of moving as well as the stress involved.  Yet while these factors are a major concern for most, the #1 concern with most individuals is Portland moving rates and what their move will cost. We can help you figure out everything including a detailed quote to help you budget better.

What are the benefits of paying for full-service movers?

No matter how complex or difficult your move may be, it all comes down to the planning and preparation involved.  And that’s where a full-service moving company like ours can help.  While the thought of being in total control and saving money in the process makes a DIY move very appealing to many individuals, this is not always the case once you get started.

DIY moves can turn sour really quickly and you should always have a “Plan B” just in case.  Having a reliable moving company working in your corner can be of assistance at such times. Consider the following benefits of hiring a team of moving and relocation specialists:

  • We alleviate the stress of moving – whether you’re moving across town, across the state, or across the country, the Handy Haulers Moving Company will work with you to ensure that your move is a pleasant one and relatively stress-free.
  • We provide the moving services you need – whether you just need help with the packing and unpacking or you need us to do everything on your list that’s associated with your move, we’ve got you covered.
  • We’ll save you money in the long-run – as we mentioned above the Portland moving rates that companies charge is often the biggest concern, especially for those of you who are moving on a fairly tight budget.  Talk with one of our moving and relocation specialists to find out how we save you money by providing all the services you need for your move.
  • You’ll avoid the physical strain and eliminate the risk of industry – the last thing you need when moving is to injure yourself lifting heavy boxes and pieces of furniture.  We’ll see to it that you avoid getting hurt by handling all of the heavy lifting for you. We have a trained crew and the necessary equipment to handle heavy boxes and furniture.
  • You’ll save time when you hire our moving and relocation services – one of the biggest problems that the DIY mover faces is the element of not having enough time to split between their job and preparing for their upcoming move.  We’ll help you with the planning so you stay on schedule for moving day.

When you hire the Handy Haulers Moving Company, you most likely won’t need that back-up plan.  Plus, the Portland moving rates for a full-service moving company are the best value for the money and provide the greatest return on your investment.  And we ensure that your move is a stress-free experience.

How much does it cost to hire moving and relocation specialists?

One thing is certain in the moving industry – no two moving companies are ever alike and neither are the ways they calculate their Portland moving rates.  In many cases, the cost of moving depends on several factors.  Moving costs are calculated based on a flat-rate or hourly charge for local area moves. Conversely, long-distance moving rates are based on several factors including:

  • In season or off season move
  • Total distance to travel
  • Partial/full moving services needed
  • number of moving teams
  • size of the move

In most instances, moving companies will charge anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour for a local move with the rate being determined by the number of movers that is needed for the job.  For example, it requires 2 movers and takes 2 to 3 hours for a studio or small one-bedroom apartment move.  On the other hand, a larger 3 to 4-bedroom home might require 3 to 5 workers, take 6 to 10 hours to get finished, and cost anywhere from $600 to $2,000.

Keep in mind that the key to ensuring that you’re hiring the right moving company is research.  Be sure to compare at least 3 or 4 companies so you can determine who offers the best value for the Portland moving rates being charged.  To learn more, call the Handy Haulers Moving Company at (833) 256-7182 today. Our business representatives are here for your assistance.