Jeremy & his partner were great! They assessed what needed to be packed & got right to work. They were efficient and careful, hard-working and personable. We highly recommend this service.
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This customer purchased 1 item on March 29 for $805.95 at Handy Haulers Moving LLC.

These guys were awesome!!

This move could not have went smoother. Very professional and punctual. Can’t say enough good stuff about Handy Haulers!!!!

February 17, 2017, SALEM REVIEWS
Highly recommended

Professional, reasonable, prompt, pleasant! Doug, Jeremy and Kyle were awesome to work with. They were efficient and courteous. We would definitely move with them again. We highly recommend them and this company.

April 2, 2017, SALEM REVIEWS
Moving made easy!

Jeremy and Kyle made my move so much easier than I had anticipated. They were on time and knowledgeable about tips and trips for moving, making quick work of what I needed done. In 3.5 hours (which included a 45 minute drive) they carefully loaded everything and when we arrived unloaded and placed it where I asked. They were friendly and courteous and I would highly recommend using them. If I move again, I will definitely by calling them! Mary

April 1, 2017, SALEM REVIEWS
My awesome movers

They were fast, safe and courteous! Very friendly, and efficient. I’d recommend them to anyone. Only thing that I’d suggest is to state the 3 hours minimum, when advertising on thumbtack. I’ll definitely use them again. Thanks for the suggestion!!!!

December 27, 2016, PORTLAND REVIEWS
Horrible service

Terrible experience. They were supposed to show up at 1. At 130 I got a call they will not be there till maybe 3. I called main number and suggested that I needed better estimate and the gentleman asked me what I suggested be done. He said if they said 3, they will be there. I waited until 330. I called back and was told they were still an hour away. I gave them one star because it is not possible to give zero.

January 23, 2017, PORTLAND REVIEWS
Fast and courteous

Fast and courteous with my stuff exactly what I needed.

January 25, 2017, PORTLAND REVIEWS
Good job overall – just some oversights.

They were prompt and very friendly and responsive to issues. The biggest problem we had was they double charged one of my cards which was a total accident admittedly but took days for the bank to re-release into my account. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if it had been the credit card but it was my debit card. When we went back through the house after the move was over, we found 3 closets that hadn’t been packed (despite them coming the day before the move to pack us). They also left several boxes in the garage that they must have thought were empty but weren’t. I think part of the issue was that the people who did the original walk through and packing job were not the same as the loaders so some communication seemed to be missing. We ended up having to get a small UHaul to move the rest of the stuff. Considering it was more than $2,300 (and more than the original quote), we had hoped it would have been a bit more thorough. All in all though, the job got done and it was far less stressful than having to do it all over again ourselves.

February 2, 2017, PORTLAND REVIEWS
Response and Quick!

Had a great experience with Handy’s moving guys. Greg was very quick to respond and was able to send us a couple guys to help us unload our trailer with only one day notice. Both movers showed up on time (a few minutes early, actually) to help us unload a U-Pack trailer. We had a lot of difficulty opening the gate to access our stuff, so we were lucky to have the guys to help get it open! They worked quickly and efficiently and were very responsive when we asked them to place certain items around the house. Would highly recommend this service!

February 17, 2017, PORTLAND REVIEWS
Wonderful! Highly recommend.

Incredible, honest, wonderful movers. Had a perfect experience.

February 20, 2017, PORTLAND REVIEWS