Troutdale Local and Long Distance Movers

Troutdale Local and Long Distance Movers

At the Handy Haulers Moving Company, our Troutdale local and long-distance movers provide an extensive range of services that can be tailored to accommodate your relocation needs.  While other movers in the Troutdale area may be able to assist you when moving, we offer a comprehensive range of services that will help alleviate your stress and provide a more pleasant moving experience.  Whether you’re moving across town, across the state, or across the country, we’ll service your needs and ensure that your furniture and belongings arrive safely and securely at your new home.

Why do people move to Troutdale?

If you want to settle down in a smaller city that is looking towards the future while giving you a taste of past history, Troutdale and its 16,000 residents is the place you’ll be happy to call home.  This historic community is the western gateway to the Columbia River Gorge and Highway as well as the Mount Hood Scenic Byway.  For the active outdoors person and people who love exploring the waters and woods, this is the ideal jumping off spot for venturing into Oregon’s wilderness. And if you are looking for assistance to move to this panoramic city, we are here to assist you with all aspects of your move.

What moving and relocation services do we provide?

Troutdale local and long-distance movers is a full-service moving and relocation team of professionals that are committed to getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Not only do we go above and beyond what the basic moving services that other companies provide, we do this at the most competitive rates in the industry today.  The Handy Haulers Moving Company can customize a relocation package that is tailored to accommodate your needs and includes the following:

  • planning your move and creating your moving schedule and timetable
  • all moving and packing supplies such as boxes, bubble, wrap, packing tape, furniture blankets, and padding
  • assistance with packing; helping you unpack at your new home
  • disassembling larger, bulkier furniture items; reassembling these pieces at your new home
  • loading our truck; unloading it at your new location
  • transporting your furniture and belongings safely and securely to your new home
  • disposing of all used packing materials and moving debris

Basically, we take care of every aspect of your move.  We take on the responsibility of moving you and ensuring that all aspects of the move go as planned. From loading the boxes safely to secure transit of your possessions, and delivery of the goods, we will be communicating with throughout the journey. The sooner our Troutdale local and long-distance movers can help you get settled, the sooner you and your family will be able to start enjoying the amenities the Troutdale community has to offer.

How do you prepare for our full-service moving team?

When you hire the Handy Haulers Moving Company, you’re hiring years of industry experience and expertise as well as a crew of professionals that will handle every task associated with your move.  However, there are certain tasks that you’ll need to handle in order to prepare for the day our moving team arrives.  Here are some things you need to consider prior to that time:

  • Create a list of the household items that are moving with you.
  • Make a separate list of the items that you’re going to pack and that won’t be getting loaded onto the moving truck such as a change of clothing, cash, toiletries, first-aid, phone charger, snacks, etc.  Furthermore, expensive jewelry, heirlooms, important documents, and the like should also be packed with you and not the movers.
  • Start downsizing your belongings well ahead of moving day.  You can donate items to a charity or thrift store or have a yard sale to make some money towards the move.
  • Unplug all of your electronics and wrap the wiring around its respective device.
  • Get your appliances (stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer) prepped for moving day.
  • Remove all flammable items from the garage and house that our Troutdale local and long-distance movers won’t transport such as batteries, cleaning fluids, firearms, gasoline, and propane.
  • Keep children and pets out from under foot and out of the mover’s way.
  • Have drinks and snacks available for the movers.
  • Tipping our movers is customary so we ask that you have some cash on hand for.

In order to stay on schedule, we ask that you be 100% prepared when our moving team arrives to start helping with your move.  We pride ourselves on being prepared as well so we will be prepared and punctual in order to keep things running smoothly on moving day.  To learn more about our local and long-distance moving services, visit the Handy Haulers Moving Company website or call us today at (833) 256-7182.

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