Moving in Portland during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Moving in Portland during the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is unlike any other type of virus the US and other countries have seen.  With information about the Coronavirus constantly changing, we have many questions about the best ways to protect ourselves during these difficult times.  So, if you’re planning a move or have already scheduled your moving date are wondering whether or not to wait on your relocation? Handy Haulers Moving Company has some important information about moving in Portland during COVID -19.

Is it imperative that you move now or in the immediate future?

We understand that your moving date may not be flexible, especially if your lease is expiring or you’ve bought or sold a home and the closing date is approaching.  In that case, it’s important to have access to moving services.  Many cities and states have ordered temporary closures of what they’ve identified as “non-essential” businesses.  However, since moving and relocation services are classified as essential businesses, these companies are still operating nationwide.

Is Handy Haulers Moving Company still available to help you move?

At this point in time, we are.  Since there haven’t been any shutdowns among the major moving companies, any decisions regarding closure have been left up to the individual company or franchise owners.  If you’ve already scheduled a move with our company and haven’t been informed of any closures, it’s safe to assume that we will be there on moving day as planned.  However, if you’re still concerned about this issue, feel free to contact us at any time.

What precautions are taken to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus?

Handy Haulers Moving Company is following the guidelines that have been put in effect by the CDC and Federal Government guidelines.  We are taking additional safety measures as well when moving in Portland during COVID -19, including:

  • disinfecting items that are being moved
  • ensuring that everyone involved in the moving process are free of any COVID-19 symptoms
  • following CDC guidelines regarding hand washing during the move
  • frequently using hand sanitizers during every move
  • greeting customers with a smile rather than a handshake
  • practicing social distancing with customers as well as our employees
  • regularly cleaning and disinfecting prior to, during, and upon completion of the move
  • regularly sanitizing our equipment and trucks
  • using hand sanitizer
  • wearing disposable gloves
  • wearing face masks whenever they’re available

Again, these guidelines represent CDC recommendations but are subject to change based on availability of equipment, PPE, and other local, state, and federal regulations that are issued over time.

What precautions does Handy Haulers Moving Company recommend for customers when moving in Portland during COVID -19?

Naturally, we would recommend that all customers follow CDC and federal guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic where disinfecting, hygiene, and social distancing practices are concerned.  Some of the more common recommendations we make include:

  • asking movers to wash their hands before starting
  • disinfecting furniture and all high-touch surfaces before our moving team has arrived
  • disposing of all used packing materials and debris once we’ve completed the move
  • maintaining a 6’ distance from the drivers and their helpers
  • refraining from physical participation in the move when the movers are at your home

At Handy Haulers Moving Company, we are not only following CDC and Federal Government guidelines, we’re providing support in the Portland community to those that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand how grave the situation is and that is why we consider everyone’s safety as paramount in our logistic operations.

Should you proceed with your move during the COVID-19 pandemic?

If there is some flexibility, then wait until social distancing guidelines have been lifted.  However, if your moving date is pretty much set-in stone or moving is unavoidable, then you really don’t have any other options.  The best thing for you to do is work as closely as possible with us so you understand how to proceed and what you should do to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to our customers and employees, health and safety are always one of our top priorities.  However, if you’re over 60 years of age, have asthma or diabetes, have any pre-existing condition, or are in any other type of high-risk group, you should consider re-scheduling your move until it’s safer to do so. However, if there is no other option for you but to move, we will ensure that everything is done safely.

With our years of experience, we bring our expertise, strategic planning skills and seamless operations to ensure everything moves like clockwork when you move. To learn more about moving in Portland during COVID -19, call Handy Haulers Moving Company today at (833) 265-7182 or send us a message by clicking here. Call us now and let’s discuss your impending move.