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Whether it’s a type of grand piano or one of the vertical styles, the sound of a piano is magical.  On the one hand, these instruments are elegant and graceful while on the other, they are monstrously overwhelming.  Their music is not only delightfully exquisite, it is powerful.  Yet despite their size and weight, they are delicate and sensitive, thereby making them extremely vulnerable to harm and costly damage.  Consequently, moving a piano without the proper training is ill advisable and is a job that should be entrusted to the skilled piano movers team in Portland of Handy Haulers Moving Company. We have the experience and the equipment to move any size piano with considerable ease. Our team is experienced with handling large and heavy objects while all safety standards are maintained.

Why shouldn’t you try to move a piano yourself?

At this point, you may be asking yourself “What kind of a question is that? Isn’t the answer obvious?” You would think so wouldn’t? Yet we know individuals who, with the help of family members or friends, have attempted to do just that.  And that was when disaster struck.  The moral of the story? Call professional piano movers who have been carefully trained and have a thorough knowledge of what is involved when moving one of these massive instruments.  Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Hiring a professional piano movers team in Portland will save you money.
  • Professionals have the right protection and transportation for moving pianos.
  • They’ll do all the heavy lifting, will climb up or down stairs, navigate tight hallways and deal with other obstacles when moving your piano.
  • You won’t sustain any injuries.
  • Your piano won’t get damaged.

Not to be rude, but all you need to do is stand back and let them do what they’ve been trained to do for a living. We can ensure you that your piano will be moved without any damage.

What type of piano do you need the Handy Haulers to move?

Pianos are classified as either “grand” or “vertical”.  The piano movers team in Portland at Handy Haulers Moving Company has experience moving 5 types of grand pianos and 4 types of vertical pianos.  These are measured from the nose of the piano to the tip of the keys and are broken down as follows:

  • Baby Grand – 4’7” to 5’4”
  • Parlor Grand – 5’5” to 5’11”
  • Grand – 6’ to 6’7”
  • Semi-Concert – 6’8 to 7’11
  • Concert – 8’ or longer

When measuring a vertical style piano, you measure it from the floor to the top of the instrument on the backside.  The different types and sizes of vertical pianos include:

  • Spinet – 34” to 39”
  • Console – 40” to 44”
  • Studio – 45” to 52”
  • Behemoth – 52” or taller

We can also move your player piano if you have one.  Additionally, we have access to storage facilities if your home isn’t ready to be occupied.  That goes for your piano, too.

How do we prepare pianos for moving?

The secret to any successful piano move is the ease with which the Handy Haulers piano movers crew in Portland can get to it and work around it.  In other words, how accessible it is.  When our local Portland movers arrive to move your piano, they will do a walk through and make notes regarding different factors that could affect the handling of your instrument.  For instance, they’ll make notes about the levels of the home, stairs, tight hallways they’ll need to maneuver through, turns they need to make, and so on. Only after planning properly will they bring down your piano.

Next, we’ll need to prepare the piano for the move.  In order to ensure that our moving crew can move it out of your house and load it onto our truck safely and securely, we use certain techniques and tools to ensure it won’t get damaged in transit:

  • We pad the piano to ensure the body and finish are protected
  • We remove the legs off all grand pianos
  • We strap the instrument closed to prevent any damage to the internal components
  • We use dollies and piano boards to make maneuvering easier

The piano movers Portland team at Handy Haulers Moving Company understands that no two pianos are identical.  Each one has its own unique characteristics and qualities that make it different from other similar models.  That is why we take every step necessary to ensure that your piano will be safe and secure during transit, so that it arrives in pristine condition at your new location.

For additional information regarding our piano movers services in Portland or to schedule an in-home estimate of the cost to move your instrument, please contact the Handy Haulers Moving Company today. Our business representatives are available for assisting you through the impending relocation. Call us now.