Affordable Movers Portland

At the Handy Haulers Moving Company, our #1 priority is YOU and your satisfaction with our affordable movers’ services in Portland.  We know that moving is never fun, even if you are just moving down the street from your current residence.  We also know that your stress increases as your moving date approaches.  That’s why we continually strive to provide the most pleasant moving experience possible for every client while at the same time supporting you and your family throughout the relocation process.

Are you moving locally?

The Handy Haulers can provide affordable local moving solutions that are tailored to fit your individual relocation needs.  As a full-service moving company, your costs include everything associated with your move.  Every one of our affordable movers’ team members in Portland has been skillfully trained in all aspects of local residential moves.  We provide the most extensive line of local moving services at the most competitive rates in our industry.  We are committed to providing a superior level of service to anyone who is moving within the greater Portland area.

Are you moving to another state or cross-country?

The Handy Haulers Moving Company also specializes in long-distance relocations.  With our company, the distance of your move is never an issue.  Our success as a long-distance moving and relocation service is attributed to our trained personnel.  With years of combined experience and expertise, we have served the local community and beyond.  Families and individuals who are moving out of state trust our affordable movers team in Portland to get the job done on time and within their budget requirements.

Do you need help with your office relocation?

When it comes to Portland office moves, the Handy Haulers have you covered.  As office relocation specialists, we understand the importance of moving your business quickly and efficiently.  Our goal is to complete your move so that you experience the least amount of downtime possible while keeping productivity loss to a minimum.  Our moving team will ensure a smooth transition into your new facilities by providing everything you need for a successful commercial relocation experience.

How do you benefit from our affordable movers’ services in Portland?

There are a number of reasons to consider hiring professional movers instead of going the DIY route.  Believe it or not, hiring our moving services can actually save you money and a considerable amount of time in the process.  When you hire the Handy Haulers Moving Company to assist with your move, you’ll enjoy several benefits including the following:

  • We’ll do all the heavy lifting so you don’t risk getting injured.
  • We’ll handle everything associated with your move so you can focus on other important issues related to your relocation.
  • We’ll help with the planning of your move to ensure greater efficiency.
  • We’ll provide you with a straightforward estimate so you know what your move is going to cost upfront before we ever get started.
  • With our flexibility, we can help you move according to your schedule.

Most importantly, the Handy Haulers affordable movers’ team in Portland will give you peace of mind.  Maybe your stress is attributed to leaving home and going to college or starting a new job in a new location.  Hiring our professional moving team will alleviate your stress by enabling you to focus on those things that only you can handle.

How do cheap movers compare with our affordable moving solutions?

There’s a world of difference between the terms “cheap” and “affordable”, especially where moving companies are concerned.  In most cases, the term “cheap” is usually synonymous with “poor quality.”  Simply stated, cheap moving companies often use low-cost, unskilled labor and low-quality moving materials.  The reason for this is simple.  The only way they can make a profit is by cutting corners and taking shortcuts with your move.  Therefore, they are never a good choice.

On the other hand, affordable moving companies, like the Handy Haulers Moving Company focus on providing the greatest value for the customer’s investment and a superior level of service throughout the moving process.  Our affordable movers’ team in Portland is a group of skilled professionals who are fully bonded, insured, and licensed to perform the work they do for a living. They have years of experience and positive testimonials from innumerable clients, which shows their dedication towards the clients.

If you are shopping for a free quote, call us today to schedule an appointment and let our experts evaluate the goods that need to be moved. Only after that we can offer a no-obligation, written quote that is transparent with no hidden charges. To learn more about our affordable moving services and solutions, call the Handy Haulers Moving Company today. We’re here for your assistance.