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Regardless of how much furniture and how many other personal belongings you have, moving can be a challenging experience.  However, moving internationally is even more complex because of the additional factors and resulting mental strain it can have on a family or individual.  As a provider of international movers services in Portland, the Handy Haulers Moving Company can develop a moving plan that is tailored to your overseas moving needs.  Our international moving services were designed to alleviate as much stress as possible by shouldering the burden so you can focus on other important tasks.

How does moving internationally differ from domestic moving?

An international moving checklist is going to be considerably longer than that of a domestic move.  With a domestic or local move, all you really need to know is how to get to your new location from your former residence.  On the other hand, an international move requires considerably more than writing down your flight number and the time of your departure.  Here are four important considerations the Handy Haulers international movers’ team in Portland wants you to be aware of:

A need for more advance planning – unlike domestic or local moves, international moving involves more planning and a lengthier timeline.  It also requires doing a lot of research about the country you’re moving to as well as:

  • knowing that country’s customs regulations
  • learning a new language
  • searching for a place to live
  • understanding different cultures and traditions

Learning customs regulations – unlike moving domestically, you’ll be required to have a passport when relocating internationally.  Furthermore, every country has their own laws and regulations regarding prohibited and restricted items.  You may also be required to have proof of international relocation.

Organizing and reducing the number of household items you’re taking – there’s no point in carrying a lot of belongings across different countries only to realize that you didn’t need them when you reach your destination. That is why it is best to sort out and take only what you need. It will reduce the moving costs as well.

Preparing yourself for culture shock – obviously, you’ll need to adjust to different cultures and customs when moving thousands of miles away.  This can complicate matters if you haven’t done any research about the country you’re moving to when it comes to how their culture, history, and lifestyles are different from yours.

As your international movers’ team in Portland, the Handy Haulers Moving Company can assist in the coordination and logistics of your move so that you have a smooth stress-free transition and a more pleasant overseas relocation experience.

How do domestic movers differ from international moving companies?

Granted, there are a number of differences between domestic and international moving.  Thus, it stands to reason that there will be significant differences between domestic and international moving services.  In addition to being able to handle a more complicated relocation process, the following characteristics are what separate the Handy Haulers international movers’ services in Portland from domestic moving services:

  • Cost factors – domestic and local movers typically charge by the hour.  However, since international moves are conducted on a much larger scale, the company that ships your belongings overseas will charge by the weight of your shipment.
  • Insurance coverage – while domestic and local shipping companies provide liability and valuation coverage, international moving companies don’t offer minimum liability or moving insurance unless you request that kind of coverage.  Insuring your items against damage while in transit will add to your shipping costs.
  • Registration requirements – moving companies are not required to have a valid USDOT number if they are staying within their state’s boundaries.  However, they will if they are hired for interstate moves.  It’s a different story where international moves are concerned.  In order to handle overseas relocations, they must be registered with the FMC or Federal Maritime Commission.

We understand how tedious and physically draining it can be to plan and organize an international move. That is why we shoulder that responsibility so that you can focus on other key aspects of your life. When moving internationally, the Handy Haulers Moving Company will do everything in their power to alleviate the emotional and psychological stress of moving overseas.  Try to combat your fears by getting excited about your international experience and maintaining a positive attitude about the situation.  Although moving your belongings overseas is a more complex endeavor than moving them domestically, it can be done, if you hire the right full service moving company in Portland for the job.

To learn more about our international relocation services and solutions or to discuss your overseas move with one of our moving coordinators, contact the Handy Haulers Moving Company at your earliest convenience. We are just a call away and available to help you plan and execute your custom move. Call now!